About Ship to Shore Traveler

With over 25 years experience, Ship to Shore Traveler is The Adventure Cruise Outfitter. Staffed by outdoor enthusiasts who have worked as expedition staff and zodiac drivers in over 200 collective destinations, our adventure gear specialists take pride in providing the perfect gear.

What We Do

  • Online outfitting for adventure cruises with destination specific packages and gear rental
  • Design and manufacturing of custom parkas for cruise expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic
  • Onboard supply of shop inventory, incentive gifts for groups, outfitting crew and staff

Sustainability of the pristine regions of our world is of critical importance to us. Learn more.

Ship to Shore Traveler is 100% committed to customer care. We are confident our gear is exactly what you need and offer a full refund guarantee if you are not satisfied.

The Team

Lorraine Betts Product Development & Purchasing

< Lorraine testing gear for comfort and performance

Kenyan born, Betts earliest memory of gearing up was of preparing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with her father as a young girl. "We selected the best high-tech equipment available." Lorraine later explored the world as a zodiac driver in the polar regions and as a cruise director in the tropics for over a decade. Her first, of 62, Antarctic expedition was in 1983.

In 1991, Lorraine founded her first on-board retail company. Over the past two decades she has used her extensive expedition experience and design and manufacturing knowledge to outfit expedition cruise staff, deck crew and passengers with destination-specific gear.

Environmental stewardship ranks highly on Lorraine's priority list. As part of her ongoing commitment, she works with One Percent for the Planet and has forged relationships with conservation groups.

Lianna Ly Accounting

Our financial and spreadsheet wizard, Liana has been with Ship to Shore Traveler for over a decade and enjoys the fun, flexible atmosphere. An active outdoor enthusiast, Lianna enjoys snowboarding and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She is a graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in South East Asian studies and has returned to her parents home country, Cambodia, over six times.

Annie Woodward Marketing & Web Development

< Annie trying out the Wi-Fi in a remote area of Australia

A lifelong world traveler, Annie hails from Australia and her relationship with Ship to Shore Traveler spans over a decade. Annie manages the online operations and marketing of Ship to Shore Traveler. She has explored all seven continents. Tropical Bali and the polar regions, Antarctica and the North Pole, are dearest to her heart.

Nathan Leas Distribution & Warehouse Manager

< Nathan testing gear in Antarctica

Nathan is a tour de force when it comes to shipping; skillfully juggling vendors, multiple warehouses and inventory to ensure everything is sent on time. Nathan also keeps a watchful eye on website content, customer service and forecasts for small-to-large internet retailers.

Like the rest of the Ship to Shore Traveler staff, Nathan has a healthy appetite for exploring the world at large. To complement his inherent aptitude for technology, Nathan is currently pursuing a degree in computer science.

Bob Oswald Ecommerce & Fulfillment

<Bob at the bead market in Koforidua, Ghana

Bob has been in the logistics/administration business for about ten years, mostly in the fields of education and global sustainability. He is a natural born troubleshooter and when it comes to digital technology with a keen interest in communication platforms of all types. Like others at Ship to Shore Traveler, Bob shares our passion for travel.

Mary Bergan Customer Service Manager

< Mary started working in the Adventure Travel industry in 1998 where she got bitten by the “travel bug” after her first trip to the Federated States of Micronesia. In all, she has traveled to six continents including Antarctica and hopes to complete her seventh continent to Africa soon. Mary is incredibly excited to be part of the Ship to Shore Traveler team and to help others plan and get properly outfitted for their own adventures of a lifetime.

Stella Sandapin French Customer Care Manager

< Stella skiing in the U.S.

After managing two of Ship To Shore Traveler's expedition ship shops, Stella Sandapin brings an obvious aplomb at handling orders and an expert knowledge of global destinations. Stellas warmth and familiarity with numerous adventure cruise companies consolidated our decision to welcome her to our team. Stella also serves as co-coordinator for private jet charters for a worldwide affiliate. She commutes to work by bus, raising our green quotient.

Matias Massi Ushuaia Operations

Matias organizes the logistics of getting rental gear to and from the ships in Ushuaia, Argentina.

Margarite Mydlarczyk Seattle Warehouse Manager

< Margarite on the Oregon coast

Margarite served as Ship to Shore Traveler's first employee and remains with us today. Margarite has packed more boxes and duffles than any other Ship to Shore Traveler employee. Margarite has also worked on board our unique expedition ships shops as a manager and a staff assistant. Her adventurous spirit has taken her to the Amazon, Antarctica and the Arctic. Margarite has worked in our distribution warehouse since 1991 and continues to manage the Seattle warehouse.

Lay Khauv Gear Customization Expert

Lay first began working for Ship to Shore Traveler in 2001, sewing flight bags and patches. Lei continues to perfect our custom adjustments to expedition gear and keeps our Seattle based office and warehouse a model of polished efficiency. She is the proud mother of Lianna and an integral part of the Ship to Shore Traveler family.

Miss Meiling Office Head Honcho

< Miss Meiling waiting for the UPS shipment to arrive

Paid in treats, Miss Mei never misses a day at work. Our canine companion does what dogs do best: waits for the UPS Driver. After seven years with Ship to Shore Traveler, she is on a first name basis with Lay, our Gear Customization Expert, Paul from UPS, and Tim the Postman. Miss Mei spends her weekends at Washington's picturesque Lake Entiat.